Pigeons auctions

The pigeon auctions organized on the columbofil.eu website are the easy way for sellers and buyers to meet.

We aim to be a real help for both those who organize auctions and those who make purchases through online auctions, and not least for the pigeon world, by developing a secure platform that offers more than just a pigeon auction website.

For the safety of users participating in auctions, accounts are individually verified by phone.

Loft Manager
It comes to the aid of those who want to practice an advanced method of managing their pigeon stock, creating new sales opportunities and highlighting them.
Pedigree generator
Part of the breeding manager, once the pigeons are added to the application, downloading (PDF), sending by email, or printing pedigrees can be done with just one click.
Your own website under the columbofil.eu domain with an integrated blog and a pigeon catalog that can be displayed directly from the breeding manager to boost sales with minimal effort.
From the user account, you can organize auctions with pigeons selected directly from the breeding manager, and they will be listed on columbofil.eu in the pigeon auctions section.

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Subscription Packs

  • Online auctions
  • Website
  • Loft manager
  • Pedigree generator
100 EUR / year
  • Loft manager
  • Pedigree generator
20 EUR / year


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